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Dog Hears with Conch Shell

Moon dog
"Is that you George?""
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Is that you George?

Talk About the Rabbit

"What you saying about me?"
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To Swear Or Not To Swear

Eighty per cent of people swear every day including children. The little ones don't just get this habit from parents. Some children are awake late at night and hear it on television.

In different eras there are new sets of popular swear words. Words such as "bloody hell" and "bugger" were once really offensive, Today they are not treated as swear words any more. Personally, I find phrases containing the word "shit" quite off-putting. Hearing "bullshit" and "shitloads" tends to create images in the minds of listeners. It makes one move away from the speaker.

The question is - Does swearing do any harm? It does lower the "status" of an occasion if someone begins swearing when everyone else is in formal mode. One wouldn't swear when university degrees are being given, but at the pub swearing is almost expected particularly in the public bar.

Swear words are just sounds like other words. The sounds, however, do have meaning. Policing the use of offensive words would be impossible, People are regularly fined for swearing at police officers. It does not change behavior. They continue to swear afterwards. The more swearing there is, the sooner such words will be accepted in normal speech.
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