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Australia Had Giant Chickens

Mercury pollution


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Giant chickens

South Indian Genes in Aboriginals

Ancestry of Aussie aborigines is from asia.
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Weedy Seadragon (phyllopteryx taeniolatus) - Australiana

Weedy seadragon is an Aussie icon.
Weedy Seadragons (phyllopteryx taeniolatus) live only in southern Australian waters. The fish are quite large, growing to 46cm. They are redish with yellow spots and blend in with their surroundings.  Their red, sandy color does not show against the weedy background as they have green weed-like appendages.
Weedy Seadragon phyllopteryx taeniolatus
Seadragon males incubate eggs. A female puts about 200 eggs into a brooding pouch on the male during mating. The male fertilizes the eggs in his pouch. The young take two years to become mature.

When seadragons die they are preserved by bony plates. These can be found washed up on beaches. Yearly rings are "recorded" in their ear bones. They live for five years. Seadragons are a barometer for climate change. It the environment deteriorates many die off.
◆ Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
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Birds Know Who is Related to Them

Zoology shows men scorn their stepsons, like birds.
It is common knowledge that cuckoos "dump" their eggs in other birds' nests to put the responsibility of bringing up cuckoo chicks to strangers. It appeared that birds could not tell the difference between there own offspring and cuckoos. However, this belief has been proved wrong by research on the southern pied babbler of Africa.
southern pied babbler
This bird lives in a group of up to 14 individuals. It has been observed that the dominant male will push out unrelated subordinate males. Females did not show any favor. It is purely a male thing. The prime behavior of the birds is the practice of male birds helping to raise the young of other mating pairs. They obviously remember who is related to whom, particularly in regard to their own young.

The males thrown out of groups do not fair well in life generally. Their health suffers. They become skinny and remain that way. Seldom do they become dominant males. There could be a message for humans here: perhaps men who have children with women who already have children by other men treat their own offspring better and scorn their stepchildren.
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A New Mineral Called Putnisite is Found in Australia

Minerals are classified into species like animals. You would think that all minerals had been identified by scientists. This is not the case. A completely new mineral has been found in Australia at Polar Bear peninsula, Southern Lake Cowan. It is named after the two scientists who discovered it, Christine and Andrew Putnis based at the University of Münster in Germany.

Putnisite is now among the 4,000 known minerals. It was found on the surface of Lake Cowan in Western Australia. The mineral is composed of tiny 0.5 mm diameter crystals in volcanic rock. Its crystals are square and in a range of colors: white, pink, purple and dark green. The mineral is composed of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, sulphur, calcium, strontium and chromium. It glistens as light can penetrate the substance.

Unlike other minerals which belong to families similar in structure, putnisite is unique. Nature joins things together to form minerals. Scientist did not believe a blend of these bases could be joined together as a unit. Researchers are clearly not as clever as nature itself.
Mineralogy by Ty Buchanan
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