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Mystery Tanami Egg is Not of the Night Parrot

Mystery egg of the Night Parrot in Tanami Desert?
A mystery egg was found in the Tanami Desert of northern Australia 30 years ago. Many latched on to this specimen as being from the Night Parrot, thought to be extinct. DNA from the egg was compared to DNA of Night Parrot specimens in the Queensland Museum. The Brown Quail was found to be the "mother" of the Tanami egg.
Night Parrot
All hope was not lost, however. In 2013 the Night Parrot was found to be still with us. A small population was discovered living in Western Australia, far away from Queensland. Much has been leaned about the environmental requirements for the rare bird's survival.

This shows that human hope is very strong. We will attribute links to things that are very weak. The egg does have unusual characteristics: it is sand white, not like the quail egg which is pale but speckled brown. It is pointed at one end though, typical of the quail.
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Aliens Exist Says Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell

Just when you thought reality was the way, with more people believing that all there is to life is what you see, the UFO enigma is revived. Moon walker Dr Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 mission fame says the US government has covered up alien contact for six decades.

He says they look very much like the short, skinny, large headed, bug eyed creatures of the movies. They are not warlike and their technology is more advance than ours. He apparently was given access to this information because of his service to space exploration.

The surveillance by aliens is ongoing - they are interested in us!

Roswell did happen. The first releases given to a local newspaper were correct. A declaration by the US government is imminent, according to Dr Mitchell. Kerrangi radio host Nick Margerrison says at first he thought Dr Mitchell was kidding, but he seems to be serious.

When government sources were approached they kept to the same old line: "NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe."
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Ostriches Use Wings to Run

The mystery of why dinosaurs evolved feathers has been solved. Observation of ostriches shows that wings are used to retain balance while running. Far from being evolutionary leftovers, they are used constantly.

This finding was made by breeding ostriches that were "human-friendly". Then they were then able to be tested, which took place when they were three years old. The ostriches were made to run down a 300 meter "track", indoors. They were seen to zigzag, brake and turn, guiding their bodies using wings as rudders.

Tests showed that feathers provided lift which improved stability. All living flightless birds are able to evade capture by quickly turning one way then the other. Without wings they would not be able to do this.

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