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People Refuse Genetic Testing

||| half of those surveyed did not want to submit to testing of their DNA. | genetic |||
Can researchers be trusted?  It seems not.  Scientists just seem to want the funding with no real benefit to society.  Of the US$3 billion they get every year, only 3 per cent is spent on studies that are taken up by Doctors.  ||| People do Refuse to Genetic is Testing | population |||
Genetic testing
It should be noted that genetics adopted by medical practioners serve operational functions and is not for disease prevention.  Money should be allocated directly for stopping diseases, but it is not.  Even programs to test family members when a patient is found to have a genetically linked ailment are seldom completed.   ||| as Refuse it Genetic go Testing | australian |||    

Only half of people asked if they would take a test to see if they were carrying a gene predisposing them to future sickness, agreed to be tested.  The general public are either uninformed, not motivated to be screened, did not want to know or will put it off for the future. | | not. |      | Por Refuse an Genetic up Testing.
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