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Sun Shines From Cat's Ass

Sun shines from cat's ass
"I give you the light."
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I will give to you light.

New Pedestrian Detection System Applies Car Brakes

We are moving toward a safer driving future. It is not just the development of driver-less cars. Special highways will have to be built for these, so it some time away before it is in common use. Just how "hoons" are going to get their fix with no risky overtaking existing anymore is anyone's guess. No, it is all the research going into improving existing vehicles.

Bosch Australia is working on a system whereby people walking behind a car will automatically trigger the brakes on a reversing vehicle. One company is already going ahead and selling its own version that can be fitted to older cars. Considering rear beepers have been on cars for years would the average driver buy the product? It would be easier to modify existing beepers to apply the breaks and have an override switch. Then, I am only a consumer not a developer. How do I know what I want?

It would be useful if a toddler could be detected in a driveway for example. The family car market could certainly be a target. This device could save lives and prevent serious injury. The Bosch system is not yet refined enough to work above 5km/h and a toddler may not be of sufficient size to trigger the device. Fleet buyers have been approached with no orders being arranged. Similar buyers overseas will probable respond in the same way. The product must detect children and function reliably before it is accepted.
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Dog View

"What do you think of the view?"
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