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Electric Motorcycles Are Popular

While electric cars have been slow to take off, electric motorcycles are in strong demand. Enthusiasts can't get their hands on new versions fast enough. Recently there have been improvements. The range was originally less than 100km. Now they will run for nearly 200km on each charge. Furthermore, they have a projected life of 500,000km. With a top speed of 110km per hour they are competitive for off-road competition.

New models can be used on-road and off-road. Costs are much the same as a conventional motorbike. Indeed, some are cheaper. Batteries are no longer a problem. They currently last the life of the bike. From a flat battery to fully charged in four hours is really convenient. Use two chargers and get going in two hours.

The latest shipment of new bikes to Australia sold out straight away. A popular electric motorcycle, the Zero, is made in California. Retail stores are opening across Australia. Unlike electric cars which are very expensive, electric motorcycles can be bought just for off-road fun. If you really like the experience a road model could be your next purchase. Professional racing could soon be on the cards.
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