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Elecric Cars are a Mistake

Adopting battery powered cars is the worst thing societies can do. It is just a transfer from dirty oil engines to dirty oil power station. Removal of carbon at power stations is talked about a lot. However, nothing has been achieved. Experiments have largely failed.

The distance barrier is still a problem for battery cars. To go more than two hundred miles requires an enormous battery, far to heavy to put in vehicles. Price is still an issue: there is little hope of a reduction even with mass production. Weak demand continues.

Planners are saying that the lack of battery "charge" centers is the main barrier. This is only secondary. Where does the capital come from to build them? Battery swap stations were established by the Electric Light Company to service a fleet of electric trucks a century ago. Buses in China get new batteries en route. The trucks disappeared and Chinese buses are government run.

Changing to a recharged battery is not cost effective. If you have to do this you may as well keep the petrol car. A charge-up at home is the only way to go. Long distance truckers will never adopt battery power. There is little torque in the powertrain, certainly not enough to transport heavy goods.
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Electric Motorcycles Are Popular

While electric cars have been slow to take off, electric motorcycles are in strong demand. Enthusiasts can't get their hands on new versions fast enough. Recently there have been improvements. The range was originally less than 100km. Now they will run for nearly 200km on each charge. Furthermore, they have a projected life of 500,000km. With a top speed of 110km per hour they are competitive for off-road competition.

New models can be used on-road and off-road. Costs are much the same as a conventional motorbike. Indeed, some are cheaper. Batteries are no longer a problem. They currently last the life of the bike. From a flat battery to fully charged in four hours is really convenient. Use two chargers and get going in two hours.

The latest shipment of new bikes to Australia sold out straight away. A popular electric motorcycle, the Zero, is made in California. Retail stores are opening across Australia. Unlike electric cars which are very expensive, electric motorcycles can be bought just for off-road fun. If you really like the experience a road model could be your next purchase. Professional racing could soon be on the cards.
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