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Cat Gets a Pat

A tabby kitten gets a spat on the head. He doesn't mind. It is his owner's hand that is doing it. He just stays there and accepts the treatment. Just the thing to make a kitty happy. Soon dinner will be on its way. Then he can settle down for a rest, maybe have a little nap,

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Cat gets a pat
"Yes, that's the right spot."
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Mission Impossible Mouse

Mission Impossible Mouse
"I am doing a Tom Cruise."
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Bird for Dinner

Funny comical cats looking at fish on TV.
"Look at the color of that dinner!"
Funny Animal Pictures
Australian Blog
 Adventure Australia
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The US No Longer Diagnoses Narcism

The decision by the American Psychological Association to strike narcissism out as a mental disease is a mistake. Physicians in others countries continue to see it has a disorder many people suffer from. Even the lay person can identify those in society with the malady. The most blatant characteristic is an exaggerated love of self, particularly the continual preening of one's body and dress.

Just why the association has made such a drastic decision is not clear. Perhaps those in authority in the psychological body have been offended because they have been identified with the complaint. This would be a logical conclusion.

Some see those who moved West to new lives with new ways as having been unfairly marked as being narcissistic. This interpretation is quite without foundation. Rockefeller, Jefferson, Edison and even Bill Clinton have had narcissistic claims made against them. A little thought will give the reason why, but it is drawing a very long bow to say all migrants are and were narcissistic.

This unusual identification with early US settlers is odd.  It does show, however, show that Victorian people did believe it to be present in society.  Underneath the self love the narcissist believes he/she is in some way unacceptable to others and must fight back. This can result in intolerance toward others to outright verbal attack.

The most common trait is a lack of empathy with others. There is a connection with autism here. Many dictators are seen as narcissistic. They rule with an iron glove and live off the fat of the land while those they rule are treated badly and starve.

The entertainment industry is rife with people who really love themselves. Pop stars have to be pulled from the stage as they return to be applauded again and again. Furthermore, there is not much doubt many movie stars are narcissistic as they bathe in public admiration.
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