Buzz Aldrin Sees UFO on Trip to the Moon

There is something out there! Well there could be as per a space explorer. In 1969 Buzz Aldrin asserted that he saw a UFO on his journey to the moon. He was unyielding and breezed through a lie-detector test. Moreover, three of his associates on the voyage who made a similar claim passed investigation. 0 uss to on neil up stated or landing in lunar ho exploration at uss neil stated landing lunar exploration 0 ! spacecaft evidence alien space apollo astonauts ! ; photo report evidence alien space observation spacecraft rocket apollo astronauts armstrong ; + tie Buzz say aldrin he sees let UFO gov by sub trip of moon on + $ aye Buzz stay aldrin was sees hi UFO sees by zap trip pad moon at | | $ % of Buzz run aldrin hi sees ho UFO ha by in trip on moon or % ~ do Buzz play aldrin yet sees to UFO as by so trip do moon up | | ~ * words light life observed panels nixon richard photo july report biology bioacoustic odd star years evidence space extraordinary observations alien moving close spacecraft nose rocket window apollo images getty foundation astronauts president hornet * = hornet president astronauts foundation getty images apollo window rocket nose spacecraft close moving alien observations extraordinary space evidence years daily star odd bioacoustic biology report july photo richard nixon panels observed life light words = || aliens, greys, craft, grays, travel, distance, stars, galaxy, humans, mankind, |
Buzz Aldrin sees UFO