Time is a Figment of the Imagination for Your Mind

Lost handwriting skills
Time does not exist. It is an intruder in the physical universe. Subconscious does't see it. ⁍ dark matter theory quantum moment brain ⁌ ● time computer figment to imagination numbers your it mind we time figure figment keys imagination text your in mind of time make figment colors imagination code your software mind to time or figment in imagination by your on mind ● ⧫ information theory exists life evidence human matter quantum dark answer worlds moment brain ⧫ ⏏ brain moment worlds answer dark quantum matter human evidence life exists theory information ⏏ ⦿
information brain code universe theory flow hard people exists life energy field higgs alive person living moment constantly recognize bacteria years disease evidence multiple inferential percent cells grow order human movies images believing trillion standard explain matter dark search quantum answer mathematical describe worlds ⦿ ∎
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Time does not exist