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Cosmological Effects on Earth's Evolution

Evolution speeds up with cosmic activity.
Most people assume that we are isolated here on this tiny planet called Earth. However, throughout the ages life has been impacted by what goes on out there in the cosmos. Humans would not be dominant in the world today - considering we got down to less than a hundred souls when the climate suddenly took a new direction.
Arrow piercing a supernova
An arrow piercing a supernova?
When astrophysical phenomena such as black holes send out x-ray flares it affects earthly evolution. It has estimated by computer modelling that two supernovas occurring close together increased radiation on marine life by a factor of three. This is a major change that nascent intelligent life had to adapt to.

Radiation sends out muon particles which hit the ground. More of them alters the environment. DNA mutation will speed up, so evolution becomes more rapid. This would account for the sudden disappearance of established species and takeover by new ones.

The dark clouded lightning nights portrayed in Frankenstein movies would not be far from the truth. Increased radiation would raise ionization of the atmosphere. Thus, the frequency of lightning strikes
would intensify.
Cosmology by Ty Buchanan
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Dark Matter Theory Is Questioned

Dark matter holds the universe together right?  Well, the theory of dark matter may be widely believed, but there isn't much of it in our part of the universe.  The research team puts forward its findings.  Believers question the accuracy of what they have found.

This isn't a question of how much is out there.  The team found no dark matter at all.  The dark matter theory holds that dark matter should be plentiful, everywhere.  As much as 85 per cent of everything should be dark matter.  The sun should be pulled around with dark matter.  Unfortunately, scientists cannot find it.

Dark matter theory is based on the premise that stars trapped in a gravitational well light years away travel at a fixed speed.  This, with the shape of the well allows a calculation to be made.  Star counts give the amount of ordinary matter.  subtracting this from the mass determined from the calculation gives the amount of dark matter.

The team found that the dark matter theory was questionable.  The speed of the stars did not need dark matter to explain it.
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Hubble Constant for Speed of Universe Expansion Defined by Australian Student

Australia has determined how fast the Universe is expanding. A student planning to study a PhD, Florian Beutler, has measured the Hubble constant. This is a special number that enables measurement of the age and size of the Universe.

The Universe continues to expand with galaxies moving apart. Direction and speed that galaxies move are easy to measure, but distance of separation is more difficult. In the past, brightness of galaxies has been used to define this distance. Florian Beutler used data from a survey carried out with the UK's Schmidt Telescope to make calculations using a new method.

Galaxies are in clusters throughout the Universe. The 6dF survey provided information about these clusters which enabled distant to be defined with an error of less than 5 per cent. The speed of expansion is very close to the figure determined by other methods. The Hubble constant is 67.0 +/- 3.2 km s-1 Mpc-1.
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Australian UFO Files Lost

Don't bother doing research on UFOs in Australia: the files have disappeared. The Sydney Morning Herald put in a freedom of information request to write a story. It is feared that the files have been destroyed. Data only remains for UFOs at Woomera.

It is not really a problem because the Australian Government stopped collecting new data in 2000. Much of the interesting stuff has already been published in books. UFO buffs are of course calling it a government conspiracy.

If there are aliens out there please make your presence known to all of us. It is so silly playing hide and seek. If you did visit our leaders it had no effect. They obviously feel you are not worth talking about.
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Young Australian Student Discovers Missing Mass in the Universe

A young 22 year old Australian lady finds the answer to missing mass in the universe. Amelia Fraser-McKelvie is not even a post-graduate researcher. She is studying for an Aerospace Engineering/Science degree. She was in a research team when the mysterious substance showed up in her data.

In theory, there should be a lot more observable mass in our local universe. It was thought to be "hidden" in shoelace-like filaments. When the data were first analysed they were dismissed in the usual manner as not showing anything, but Amelia suggested they check it again and the strings were there for all to see in the X-ray wavelength.

Though the achievement was mainly her's, Amelia gives credit to Dr Kevin Pimbblet and Dr Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway the other members of the team. This is a dream start toward a future career for the young student.
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Dark Energy Exists

Dark energy is no longer theory it is fact. Evidence from 200,000 galaxies confirms the hypothesis that dark energy is pulling the universe apart. It is a constant in that it pushes uniformally causing steady expansion of the universe.

Einstein was correct after all. He said there was a force pushing out stopping the universe from collapsing. This was known as "Einstein's biggest blunder'. He had to enter something into an equation which stopped the universe from collapsing. Though he didn't use the term "dark energy", this was the force he was talking about. He was wrong about the universe being static but he quickly revised his ideas when Edwin Hubble found that the universe was expanding. Gravity is no longer accepted as the force driving the universe apart. Gravity cannot push and pull at the same time.

Calculations show that dark energy makes up 74 per cent of the universe. Dark energy is not he same as dark matter. There is 22 per cent of dark matter out there. This leaves 4 per cent for all the atoms making up physical things.
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