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Science says that working more than 39 hours a week is not good for your health.  Long hours affects you mentally and physically.  You tend not to treat your body well, missing out on good food and sleep.  However, just how researchers reached 39 hours specifically is a mystery to me.  It seems they knew their finding before they started.  | ▶ work not stories news. |◀ |
Ideal working week
They even found that women should work less hrs than men - 34 hrs. They used the phrase, "once their other commitments are considered." This is painting females with a very wide brush. Some  employ others to help them with their daily lives. Others have got to cook, clean and look after the kids when they go home. This kind of approach is not scientific.  | ▶ | | ▶ |    

The scientists certainly had the test funding in mind then they began. This is the only conclusion you can reach. Team members certainly threw a spanner into the works when they stated: "For men, it is up to 47 hrs a week because they generally spend less time on domestic duties than women." | ▶ | not. | ▶  

Weird, two findings: 39hrs and 47hrs. This so-called scientific study by the Australian National University (ANU) is bunkum.      | ▶ | not | ◀ |
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