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Cat Poses for Photo

Cat is television star introducing film made by movies stars. This is a dream job and the host is such a beautiful pussy. She has used a lot of bleach to get that all over white look. Vain? No she isn't. She just loves herself. Being in the entertainment business is something she does well. wildlife

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|| Welcome to this evening's movie. ||
Cat poses
"Welcome to this evening's movie."
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Dog Entranced by Cake on the Table - Goofy

Doggie is in a state of shock when he sees cakes spread out for him to eat. The owner does not seem to care about feeding the canine these carbohydrate enriched foods. Ah well, that's life I suppose. Who is boss here? Give a pooch a master and he will take him anywhere. Dazed surprised food sweet cooking or dazed was surprised take food eat sweet tasty cooking. *
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* $ labrador video behavior retriever grooming dogs nose $ ~ dog can entranced big cake time table down goofy ah dog will entranced great cake mus table up goofy uh dog more entranced be cake far table in goofy ho dog should entranced for cake to table on goofy uh ~ + home lab refined share popular nose truth tan dogs lick latest categories puppies grooming amazon program lifestyle retriever agreement terms privacy policy video black labs health behavior training news funny silly kitchen care videos labradors labrador | master pooch canine feeding + || Oh my God - goodies! || comical, trite, weird, strange, odd, humorous, images, mutt, ||
Cake dog
"Oh my God - goodies!"
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Raccoon Share Pizza

Raccoons eat share pizza
"There is never enough pizza!"
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People Like to View Warm Pictures

Yahoo Labs has spent a lot of time setting up filters for Instagram and Flickr. It found that filtered images are 21 per cent more likely to be viewed. Comments were given 45 percent more often as well. You are probably wondering what kind of filters were used.
Warm picture of a girl in autumn leaves.
Situational or emotional filters were not the target of research. Color was the main selection criterion. The ladies are right - pinks and reds grew the largest audience. All these warm tones were popular. This was followed by yellow which is an intermediate color. Yellow makes you happy you see.

Many people brighten up their pictures by increasing the depth of color. Apparently, this is a mistake because users take no notice. And don't bother with sepia toning either: this turns viewers off. Blue is a no, no, because it is interpreted as cold.

If you want to create art that is unappreciated as much of it is, just continue what you have been doing. If you want to provide pictures that will be viewed by many start churning out the warm, fluffy, happy snaps.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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