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Lion takes wheelbarrow ride

This lion thinks it is okay to sit in a wheelbarrow. Maybe he thinks the groundsman will take him for a ride. He obviously does not understand humans. Being brought up from a cub in captivity. How is a cat expected to know. He will stay there until dinner time.

This Lion Got Wheelbarrow At Zoo. Pretty Whimsical. fits, sits. Posted September 2, 2018, 6:11 GMT. Ty Buchanan Editorial Fellow, adventure australia. Meet Obi, 2-year-old 400-pound lion lives Oaklawn Farm Zoo Canada. Here hanging out. Last week, Obi found unusual spot wheelbarrow.

Maria Weinberg, zookeeper Oaklawn Farm, BuzzFeed News: going lion enclosure lions pumpkins play with.

giving lions pumpkins back Obi saw sitting wheelbarrow. Hoping would stay long enough pic, sit long wanted, three minutes jumped played pumpkins.

Obi clown always whatever enclosure.

Pretty funny. lion at zoo gets into wheelbarrow.

This time Obi's sat somewhere unusual. Here lounging sofa.

lion at zoo gets into wheelbarrow. Pretty funny

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Lion in wheelbarrow
"Why did the gardener run off?"
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Fight Bear

Bears have a fight.
Fighting Bears
"Come on white bear.  Put 'em up."
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Archeology in the Rottnest Island Region

Work is being done to make the earliest human habitation of the Great Swan Region in Western Australia clearer. This covers the glacial period before the post-glacial sea rise, 30,000 to 6,000 before the present.
aboriginal stone tools
Aboriginals were making flake stone tools. Though for the most part natural forming cutting edges of quartz and chert were utilized Aboriginals evolved to adapt to hot conditions they survived the extremely cold conditions. Rottnest Island was inhabited during the fall in sea level but not thereafter. Aboriginals do have folk memories in the their culture about a past period when trees grew on intervening land now beneath the sea. The sea flooded in 6,500 years ago, quite recent.

Pollen records of close onshore land that wetland and woodland. There were changes over the years as the climate changed. Aboriginals did not take to cave dwelling as they had to hunt for food. They lived in the open around fires. Bush food and fresh water were available there.

The sources of material for stone tools have not been found. It is assumed that they were in the now submerged land between the Australian coast and the offshore islands. The claim that islands were not occupied after the inundation is suspect because limestone flakes were found on Garden Island and not on the mainland.
 Archeology by Ty Buchanan 
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Neighborly Squirrel

"Hey George did you watch the game?"
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Platypus Ancestor Found

When a platypus specimen was first viewed in England it was a sensation, Many people including scientists said that it was a fake: it was a combination of parts from other animals. However, it did exist in the Australian niche where it evolved.

I should be noted that this was in an era when the English were still struggling with Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. The majority of the population still believed that God created Man. The Garden of Eden was foremost in their minds.

Today, the platypus' existence is accepted without question. There has not been a lot of fossil evidence about how it came to be. Recently, this gap has been filled by a fossil of an ancient duck-billed marine reptile. Like most fossils which illuminate family trees it was found in China.

Eohupehsuchus brevicollis lived 248 million years ago. Only two other examples of this creature have been brought to light, both in other parts of China. Like the platypus it was small for its time. It lived in an inland sea.

While its body proportions were different from the platypus, clear parallels can be seen: a broad body, no teeth and paddle arms for swimming. Eohupehsuchus brevicollis had a very short neck like the platypus. The fossil is an excellent specimen for research being nearly complete. It has evidence of being attacked, though it did survive this and lived for some time afterwards. The animal was a survivor of the mass extinction of the Permian era 252 million years ago.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Room for Two

"Move over bunny. There's room for two up here."
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Hot Dog, Dog

"Come oooon..n..n..n..n... Give me one! Give me one!"
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Black Tulips and Blue Roses - All Is Possible

"Nah! I don't care. Take my photo."
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Black Tulips and Blue Roses - All Is Possible

The black tulip will soon be a reality. Development of a blue rose has nearly be achieved. A new rose that is "nearly" blue is soon to be released onto the Japanese market. The asking price - a quite low $30 each.

There is no blue pigment in a rose, so it is impossible for a natural rose to display this color. The tone has to be put into the plant. It has been done by genetically splicing color into the rose from Petunias. This flower has a blue pigment called Delphinidin. The combined project by both Japanese and Australians has taken twenty years to create the "blue" rose.

American nurseryman Samuel Parsons said as long ago as the 19th century that one day scientific advances would lead to the cultivation of a blue rose. Attempts have been made in the 20th century. A blue-grey rose was bred, but it flowered only once.

For many years roses dyed blue have sold well in England. Unfortunately, horticultural advisor to the Royal Horticultural society, Helen Bostock, believes a blue rose will not be accepted. She is probably wrong about this. People are fascinated by anything new. It is probably "sour grapes" that the blue rose was not created in England. Another English rose grower Bernard Mehring is a bit miffed as well. He says he wouldn't grow it in his garden. He wants British controls to keep the plant out of the country. This is a sad situation that wreaks of elitism. China, however, will want the new rose because there a blue flower signifies hope toward reaching an unattainable love.
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