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The War Against Sweating Continues

We are all humans right? And being an animal we are inclined to sweat. This is a natural animal function. Indeed, humans have a lot of sweat glands that are designed to function on a naked body to stop the heat of the sun "cooking" the brain. Stop a natural function and you are asking for trouble.

Young women are ignoring this and are having botox injections under their arms to prevent odor from sweating. This is usually done just before the high school formal for girls to stay "fresh" in their fancy gowns. Apparently, the "treatment" last as long as nine months.

If you go to a gym and sweat, others tend to shun you as if you are not normal. An ad did indeed exploit such behavior by trying to sell liners that mop up the sweat. You would think a sports mad nation like Australia would ignore this trend and accept that physical activity makes one sweat, but Australian girls are "drowning" themselves in deodorant.

Like breaking wind, sweating is natural and healthy. Trying to make oneself into a perfectly neutral robot is not possible. In a world of active robots, odor from sweating would be an ideal way to show the demarcation between humans and robots. Heaven help us if some want to become actual robots.
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