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Archeology in the Rottnest Island Region

Work is being done to make the earliest human habitation of the Great Swan Region in Western Australia clearer. This covers the glacial period before the post-glacial sea rise, 30,000 to 6,000 before the present.
aboriginal stone tools
Aboriginals were making flake stone tools. Though for the most part natural forming cutting edges of quartz and chert were utilized Aboriginals evolved to adapt to hot conditions they survived the extremely cold conditions. Rottnest Island was inhabited during the fall in sea level but not thereafter. Aboriginals do have folk memories in the their culture about a past period when trees grew on intervening land now beneath the sea. The sea flooded in 6,500 years ago, quite recent.

Pollen records of close onshore land that wetland and woodland. There were changes over the years as the climate changed. Aboriginals did not take to cave dwelling as they had to hunt for food. They lived in the open around fires. Bush food and fresh water were available there.

The sources of material for stone tools have not been found. It is assumed that they were in the now submerged land between the Australian coast and the offshore islands. The claim that islands were not occupied after the inundation is suspect because limestone flakes were found on Garden Island and not on the mainland.
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