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Money by Deceit - Victoria University

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Do Australian universities cheat - they sure do! Like any other business a college is out to get your money whether it comes from the government or out of your pocket. Educational bodies bend the truth when they advertise.  | interesting honeys sweet sugar jars treacle syrup not. |
Not an engineering degree
The University of Victoria put the image below in an advertisement. It says "The degree satisfies the requirements for accreditation by the Institute of Engineers...(IEI),,,," This was included in an impressive list of accreditations. However, it was a blatant lie. It was not a mistake. It was intentional.
 |||| Deceit . ||||
Despite repeated requests by student Thomas D'Souza for clarification none was given. After studying for a year he decided to find out for himself what the program really was. He contacted engineering professionals and they told him that the degree was worthless and would not guarantee employment as an engineer. Fairfax Media found a letter from The Institution of Engineers to University of Victoria informing it that the package was not accredited.|◆ the. ◆|

TD sued VU for misrepresentation, breach of contract and damages. In an attempt to keep the phony certification from getting into the news the case was settled out of court for a sum of $75,000 plus incurred costs.|◆ the. ◆|

The door is now open to other students to take legal action against colleges, etc. for misrepresenting what a student can gain from studying a particular course. It pays to verify the accuracy of information before signing up.|◆ the. ◆|

Stay away from the Victorian place of academia because it is still self-accrediting. It is disgraceful that a state enterprise is openly conning young people. The VU should be investigated by the ACCC for a fraudulent marketplace activity. |◆ the. ◆|
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|◆ money the deceit. ◆|