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Danger of Heart Attack After Losing a Spouse

It seems people don't live on after their partner passes away. There is a higher risk of survivors getting a heart attack in the months after losing a husband or wife. It is believed to be due to the increased heart rate from the loss. If the living partner can get through the danger period the risk dissipates.

This shows that people who lose partners need medical help and support from friends and relatives during the grieving process. Doctors should pay special attention to cardiac symptoms. Persistent stress and depression should also be monitored.

The research involved people aged from 33 to 91, so this tendency affects spouses of any age. Subjects wore 24 hour monitors. Heart rate was closely observed. Periods of rapid heart beat occurred during the grieving period. Overall heart rate was also higher compared to people who had not had a loss.

Depression was four time higher than the norm in subjects. This persisted for several years.
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