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GLP-1 from Platypus Venom Gives Hope for New Diabetes Treatment

Researchers have discovered that the same hormone produced in the platypus gut and stinging spurs has potential for type a 2 diabetes treatment to regulate blood glucose levels. Hormone helps diabetics.

He thinks it might worth a lot of money. seems used largely by males fight during breeding. Australia’s oddest creature platypus. Researchers have discovered that the same hormone produced in the platypus gut and stinging spurs has potential for type a 2 diabetes treatment to regulate blood glucose levels. millions years evolution shaped thing fine-tuned he says don’t need milk any platypuses professor grützner fascinated weird animals studying primates pufferfish germany he drawn shores mystery liam mannix photo university adelaide sometimes beauty strangest places tucked heel horny platypus frank grützner found beautiful word first reached european scientists discovery platypus thought had fake hoax made different parts animals stuck together sort franken-duck advertisement can understand why scientists study weirder gets sweats milk feed babies hunts sensing electrical signals hearts prey changes metabolism control body temperature heel spur secretes venom powerful enough kill dog venom professor grützner excited male platypus does use hunting why bother beak can sense heartbeats females humans causes intense pain obviously did prime candidate treating diabetes professor grützner relocated university adelaide 2005 he part team completed first sequence platypus genome time he interested creature’s crazy sex chromosomes mammals sequence completed he got phone call would change career fellow researcher mark myers myers now assistant professor federation university australia calling results sequence genes made up platypus’ insulin system team interested insulin platypuses amazingly seem lack stomach millions genes scattered one he recognised humans had gene coded protein known glp-1 human gut makes meal whereupon stimulates release insulin hormone responsible lowering blood sugar platypus glp-1 differs human versions ways important tinyest single letter dna crucial spot looked saw immediately change single amino acid exactly site peptide degraded enzyme professor grützner says glp-1 designed break quickly human bloodstream otherwise blood sugar would far would end up comatose platypus version degrades slowly makes powerful potential treatment type diabetes body loses ability insulin becomes resistant drug hold insulin levels steady long periods worth billions professor grützner's team had creature kept store glp-1 spotted happens last place would think venom dripping heel spur platypuses heat why would platypus want jab insulin booster mating rival one knows it’s fun question ponder maybe other male would go looking food females professor grützner says can weave beautiful stories scientists go looking evidence remember venom causes excruciating pain team now developed synthetic form platypus hormone avoiding thankless task milking venom randy platypuses seems stimulate insulin production least test tube step giving diabetic mouse 200 000 commercial partner medvet science go towards context promising daunting one current drugs diabetics use form glp-1 comes salivary glands gila monster venomous mexican lizard suggests venom compounds might well suited task type diabetes it’s big market says professor patrick sexton diabetes expert monash university who collaborating professor grützner's team venom research that’s spin part it’s hugely busy space people looking whole range different ways tackle never what’s going thing works drug development long tortuous path stuff even tested mice professor grützner 48 knows even goes right viable drug may developed lifetime might lead anything it’s stable can release insulin least test tube tracker integral ad science
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Pyrethroids Damage Young Children

 ▶ Insecticide products used by mums to kill head bugs does damage to small children - pyrethroids. |. Young | damage ◀ |
Pyrethroids are commonly used in the home. You buy spray to repel mosquitoes or to eradicate lice off the supermarket shelf and assume that it is safe.  Unfortunately, it has dangers. A French research team tested 287 women and six years later examined their children.  ||| Young Pyrethroids do damage to is pyrethroid Pyrethroids Young |
Dangers of head lice treatment
Pregnant mothers who have a particular pyrethroid in their urine can give birth to children with life problems. The youngsters are withdrawn and anxious. Another pyrethroid in children's waterworks makes them hyperactive. They show their feelings too readily and are aggressive.   ||| Young Pyrethroids as damage it go children Pyrethroids pyrethroid Young damage||    

Permethrin is in nit treatments and scabies creams. Though recommended for use on toddlers over six months of age, manufacturers know it is unsafe. Profit outweighs their obligation to put correct information on packages. | | pyrethroids australia pyrethroid not. |   
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Scientists not involved in the study said it was too small for the findings to be accepted. They also said that we all have the chemical in our systems. This is a normal reaction from people who do not want to accept the truth. An adult will probably have no impairment, but a child is another matter.
   | or an Young up children.
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South Australian Beaches are Ecologically Toxic

Dead fish on South Australian beaches gives bad conservation image.
When marine animals wash up on the shore dead what does a state government do about it? It tries do deny it and cover it up! Maybe it will stop in time - unfortunately it continues. The thousands of small fish dead on the beaches are bad enough, but dolphin corpses are found as well, even some penguins.
Dead fish on beach Port River Adelaide.
The location is on the South Australian coast near the Port River, Adelaide.  Recently, a grieving female dolphin was seen nuzzling her dead baby, a terrible sight. A concerned PHD student, Nikki Zanardo, is investigating the issue. There is a worrying mystery here. Why has the state government sent dolphin samples to New Zealand? Tests could have been done in South Australia. If herbicides or industry poisoning is at fault, it will all come out eventually. You cannot hide anything today.

It is not right that consumers are allowed to eat seafood when there is a possibility that dangerous biological toxins are the cause. If dolphins can die so can humans. We are both mammals after all. Apparently test results will take up to a month. Tests should be done on fresh fish at the markets immediately to make sure it is safe to eat. The South Australian government will be liable in the event of a medical emergency.
 Ecology by Ty Buchanan 
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Cane Toads Are Killing off Saltwater Crocodiles

You Don't have to be big to kill a crocodile. A small imported pest can kill one. Cane toads are in plague proportions in the Northern Territory.

Cane toads have poisonous sacks on their heads. When a saltwater crocodile eats one assuming it to be a tasty snack the crocodile ingests the poison and dies.

The problem is so serious that the population has fallen by half in some areas. Because the species takes a long time to breed up numbers, the crocodiles could become very scarce in some regions.

Introducing cane toads was a great mistake by Australian scientists. They were brought in to combat beetles destroying sugar crops in 1935. But the toads ignored the beetles and now threaten many native species by eating what they eat. To travel faster around the country some toads have developed larger hind legs to cover a greater distance before the sun goes down.
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