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Australian Privacy Will End

We need more privacy. What's that say Australian police? They are ignoring the public and installing a system that intercepts emails and keeps them for future perusal. It is called "deep packet inspection". Whether they will need permission from a judge like phone tapping is not yet known.

The American NSA has been using the system for a few years. Data collection is immediate, in real time. Everything is caught by this new technology - content, duration, location, times, dates, email addresses and even phone numbers when used.

Australian Federal Police say it will be used as a "system tool". Does this mean it will not be used routinely? You can bet your bottom dollar it will be used all the time if they can get away with it! There will certainly be a public outcry.

It has been compared to the post office opening mail to see the content. As the system will be on all the time and will be used to continually monitor someone, it is not similar. The post office does not open all the mail from an individual.

Tony Abbott is talking out of his hat again saying it is within the law. There will be a High Court challenge very soon.
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