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Not So Graceful Leopard - Frolic

slip-up leopard - mirth.
"We are graceful - most of the time."
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Mystery of Wrinkly Skin in Bath

Why does your skin shrivel up when you stay in the bath too long? you would think that science would have solved this mystery long ago, but this is not the case. There has been a breakthrough though.

German scientists have found the mechanism that makes skin go all crinkly then return to its normal state. This could have an impact on materials used by Mankind in the future. Our wonderful Internet world means that every new discovery is advanced by someone or some institution.

Now let's get back to wrinkly skin. The outer layer of skin is composed of keratin protein filaments. This quickly absorbs water when you get into the bath. It is created in a matrix system of interlaced fibers. Thus producing counteracting pressure that pushes the water out when you get out of the water..  There we have it - simple wasn't it?

It is amazing how science and discovery go parallel with each other. The reason for wrinkly skin was discovered when elastic woven fiber made by other scientists was compared to human skin: it was identical.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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