E10 Ethanol Fuel Claim is a Lie

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The conservational properties of E10 ethanol fuel for motor vehicles is a myth. If you have a medium sized car, say 2 litres in engine size, driving carefully your car will travel 100 kilometers on 10 liters of regular 91 octane petrol.  It is well known that E10 is inefficient in regards to performance and economy. You will not get 100 kilometers out of 10 liters of ethanol-blend. About 90 kilometers would be the distance.

Ethanol E10 fuel lie
What does this mean? To get 100 kilometers out of E10 will take 10 per cent more of the novel substance. Your car would use 11 liters of ethanol-blend. Normal 91 octane petrol makes up 90 per cent of E10-mix, so how much 91 petrol are you using to travel 100 kilometers?
The answer is here:

            0.9 x 11 liters = 9.9 liters of 91

            Rounding this up to a whole number we get 10.00 liters.

The 10 per cent added ethanol in E10 is doing nothing at all. It is just an "extender" - a thinning agent. Petrol remains the one and only substance powering your car.
Benefit to the environment is zero. Carbon is still pumped into the atmosphere at the same rate whether you use the magical, wonderful Ethanol-blend or standard 91 octane. You use your car in a habitual way: driving to work, the shops, family weekends. No matter what you choose to put in your car you still cover the same distance.

It doesn't even make sense for oil companies to sell the stuff.  They make less profit than selling ordinary gas.  At first they thought they would make a lot of money but they were wrong.  Politicians are a stupid bunch.  They live in ivory towers insulated from the real world. Making silly regulations forcing the wrong things on people is their game.

Don't believe all the hype. It is the great ethanol-mix fraud!

Note: Remember the hype given to diesel cars, how they were efficient and ran clean?  This is now found to be wrong.  Some countries are now banning such vehicles.  Diesel has always been a filthy substance.  Many people have known all along that clean diesel engines was rubbish - literally.

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