New Ankylosaur Identified in Australia - Kinbarrasaurus ieversi

Australia has a new dinosaur and a handsome devil he is. He has the necessary accouterments such as spiny tail, armour with spines and size. Unfortunately, he has a beak not teeth. Well, you can't have everything.
kunbarrasaurus kunbarrasaurus ieversi dinosaus ankylosaur
Kinbarrasaurus ieversi is a member of the ankylosaur family, an early type, a new genus. The animal foraged for leafy material and grass. The fossil specimen remained on the shelf from 1989 until now. It is complete showing fossilized skin texture and stomach contents.

Though ankylosaur, kunbarrasaurus has features unlike any other animal. Its ear and nasal structure is unique, though it is similar to the tuatara reptile. apparently, it helped to keep the creature cool. The skull was easy to study because there was no armour covering it. Dinosaurs usually have armour fused to the skull.
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan 
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