Arms Dealer Prime Minister is an Idiot Airhead

The PM and Christopher Pyne the Minister for Defence are both stupid believing that all the government has to do is plow funds into the industry and we will go straight to the top of the list of military providers to the world. With the US, Russia, China, Britain and others there is no way this will happen. ➤ ➤ ✿ ✿ ➽ ➽ ▶ ▶ ⬢ ⬢ ◉ Arms e Dealer e Prime e e is e an e Idiot e Airhead e ◉ ⧭ Arms d Dealer d Prime d Minister d is d an d Idiot d Airhead d australia d d weapons d d export d d people d christopher d ⧭ ▩ Arms c Dealer c Prime c Minister c is c an c Idiot c Airhead c australia c pyne c weapons c defence c export c industry c people c major c vessels c plans c government c domestic c police c christropher c ▩ ⏏ Arms b Dealer b Prime b Minister b is b an b Idiot b Airhead b australia b pyne b weapons b defence b export b industry b people b major b vessels b plans b government b domestic b police b christopher b exporter b costello b malcolm b turnbull b exporting b million b jobs b patrol b investment b capability b great b incidents b ⏏ ⦿ australia a pyne a weapons a defence a export a industry a people a major a vessels a plans a government a domestic a police a christopher a exporter a costello a malcolm a turnbull a exporting a million a jobs a patrol a investment a capability a great a incidents a ambition a increase a willy-nilly a death a profiting a bloodshed a including a ‘willy-nilly’ a humanitarian a countries a year a offshore a frigates a volatile a sell a french a built a submarines a current a contracts a need a create a country a reflexive a response a manufacturing a nation a war a terrorist a forces a capacity a respond a counter-terrorism a cafe a ⦿ ∎ australia pyne weapons defence export industry people major vessels plans government domestic police christopher exporter costello malcolm turnbull exporting million jobs patrol investment capability great incidents ambition increase willy-nilly death profiting bloodshed including ‘willy-nilly’ humanitarian countries year offshore frigates volatile sell french built submarines current contracts need create country reflexive response manufacturing nation war terrorist forces world capacity respond counter-terrorism cafe world ∎ || weaponry war, tanks, navy, guns, gunpowder, explosives, bullets, artillery, aircraft, ||
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