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Dog in for Hard Jail Time

Dog penned in
"It is tough in here!"
▶ Dog is locked in the penitentiary for a long period. dog at hard to jail on time ah pen hi toadlet carp dugong hammerhead Whitespot sparrow giraffe squirrel dog an hard it jail no time at pen ah platypus bass dartfish cod chow hippo fly boar vulture baboon mockingbird dog up hard as jail is time of pen ox alligator bull roach moth goshawk hake mouse wallaby kiwi crab bongo dog eh hard ah jail oh time be pen as monkey thrush pig coyote oyster reptile flounder whale zebra dart pike dog at hard is jail of time eh pen we photos as kookaburra shark chamois woodpecker cacomistle jackal brown lark spider catfish mule bream kowari fish jaguar scorpion dolphin ape elk sole Kelah avocet budgie swordfish pelican frise staffordshire Civet shepherd marlin blue bear heron mammal dhole robin beetle peacock gorilla grasshopper ◀
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Kangaroo Searches for Car Keys

Kangaroo loses it
"I am sure it is here, somewhere!"
▶ kangaroo is looking for something he does not have. kangaroo at searches to car on keys ah pocket hi cod akbash manatee Ibis goldfish Mongrel cicada raccoon sole lion aardvark kangaroo an searches it car no keys at pocket ah catfish giraffe dart heron retriever spider budgie booby bongo terrier kangaroo up searches as car is keys of pocket ox lizard elk hedgehog penguin wombats avocet cassowary seahorse mackeral kangaroo eh searches ah car oh keys be pocket as crocodiles rhinoceros capybara platypus chimp orangutan dartfish lamprey kangaroo in searches is car of keys eh pocket we photos shrimp bull skunk bison budgerigar monkey brucie mule seal pike ermine dachsbracke wildebeest cesky kookaburras finch grasshopper mammal swordfish beetle okapi cichlid insect Chicken quokka octopus hawk caracal cockroach alpaca puma robin pup viper marlin lungfish tortoise bear Coral ◀
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Technology Causes Loss of Skills

Technology: people lose inter social skills, flat batter mobile phone, running writing, lost in outback bush.
Technology is breaking the bond of people to the natural environment.  Communication involves not just reading and posting snippets on Twitter.  Language skills are still paramount to our survival. Hardly anyone writes in long-hand these days. Ask a twenty year old to write something said to them in a grammatical or mathematical phrase/sentence with a pen and they cannot do it. Take for example "Fifty-eight thousand dollars a year over five years". This is a grammatical phrase. A mathematical sentence is "$58,000 x 1year x 5years" To take it to its logical conclusion it is "$58,000 x 1 x 5 = $290,000".   Many young adults are completely at a loss to do this.
She is alone!
Not only are we losing communication skills, many would not survive outside of cities if they had to get sustenance that did not come from a supermarket. Though cooking shows are popular on television, they are watched for entertainment. Young people get meals out of a packet. They just whack it into the microwave and that's it. Restaurants provide their cooked meals. Children do not believe that milk comes from cows. They do know that it comes out of a factory in cartons ready to drink.

Going bush in 4 wheel drives is popular, but this is done with real risk. Have an engine failure, run out of petrol and have a flat mobile phone could mean the end for everyone in the vehicle. Purchasing an EPIRB is not even given a thought. Aren't these things for when you get lost at sea? They are, though a smart traveller buys one to get her/him out of a fix on land. Last year three inexperienced people died in outback Western Australia. You are told to remain next to the car. Of course, this is ignored and the lost try to find a nonexistent homestead in the remote bush.
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Lost Glasses or Spectacles?

"What have you lost now - glasses or pencil?"
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Large Ancient Platypus With Teeth

We see the platypus as a quiet curious animal always on the go, but millions of years ago it was twice as big and had vicious teeth. It hunted turtles crayfish and frogs. Paleontologists have called it Platypus Godzilla because it would have been quite vicious.

The modern platypus, Obdurodon tharalkooschild, is only half a meter long. Its quiet, secretive life could indicate that it is heading for extinction. Identifying platypus fossils is easy if teeth are found, because they are so different from other species.

Platypus teeth are blunt. The animals must have "bruised" their prey to death. Fossils of the ancient platypus were not ancestors of modern platypus. They were a side branch "experimenting' with being a larger size.

Just why platypus millions of years old had functioning teeth while modern ones have virtually lost theirs is not known. Despite being good a hunter Godzilla did itself go extinct. Modern tharalkoo live in a narrow niche. If there is drastic change in the environment they will perish.
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Bear Down Here

"We are down here!"
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Carpet Dog

"Do I clash with this carpet?"
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