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Kermit the Frog

Frog must be related to Kermit.
kermit the frog
"No, I am not Kermit!"
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Human Like Dog

"They say I look like you Maud."
"You do Sam."
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People Choose Dogs That Look Like Them, But What About their Partners?

It's official! People choose dogs that look like themselves. In a research project subjects were asked to match pets with their owners. Owners of labradors, poodles or bull terriers were photographed. Questionnaires were filled in by non-dog owners and they matched owners with dog type correctly 60 percent of the time.

I would take this further and say it is wrong to assume that opposites attract when it comes to human relationships. People do select partners of the same physical type as themselves. This can be seen particularly in older couples who have lived together a long time. Sure humans have a part of the brain that mimics others and living with a person would give a partner similar lines on their face for example. But when you walk around the shopping malls and look at families, similarities in body type can easily be seen in parents.

Even if a European person marries an Asian, similar features can still be observed. This is also the case when there is an age difference. A factor that can go against this "trend" is when one partner is very wealthy, but even here similarity in type remains. A rich person can certainly attract younger more attractive partners. And it is not unusual for someone with great wealth to dump their present partner and family for that matter and marry a younger version of his/her first partner.
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