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Potato Dog Uses Computer

This canine is a vegetable. Well it looks like a potato - an usually shaped one at that. Lying around like that could get you cooked. And what is he doing on the computer. He is not doing much work on the computer. Where is his master? The tired mongrel should be woken up. hi Potato ho dog ha uses in computer on an Potato to dog it uses at computer or we Potato he dog up uses to computer uh eh Potato go dog at uses ok computer la me Potato no dog so uses is computer us ox Potato a dog i uses oh computer

sweet potato treats dog jessyratfink homepets sweet potato dog treats recipe picture sweet potato treats dog jessyratfink our dog roscoe treat times day vehicle pain medicine. he's years recently decided wants act puppy again. :p (which pretty elderly rottweiler / german shepard mix). we've giving medicine blueberry muffins, local store stopped carrying them. we're pretty picky eats, treats question him. plus, he's diet he's gaining weight age! instead buying something else, set healthy sweet potato based treats.

:d i'm brown rice flour treats fiber, protein, iron niacin minerals! sweet potato fiber, contains loads vitamin a. eggs add little fat protein. apple sauce doesn't bind everything together, healthy it. :) version treats, think i'm going add unsweetened dehydrated blueberries loves those good him. ^_^ [ modified recipe treats. ] step : ingredients + tools picture ingredients + tools ingredients: sweet potato (should weigh .5 pounds) /2 cups brown rice flour /4 cup unsweetened apple sauce eggs make applesauce added weirdness sugar. label show apples, water, sort acid preserve color freshness. make store extra brown rice flour fridge freezer. otherwise, goes rancid fast! tools: microwave oven set 350 f / 75 c rimmed baking sheet parchment paper whisk spatula fork large bowl mixing step 2: cook sweet potato preheat oven picture cook sweet potato preheat oven picture cook sweet potato preheat oven preheat oven 350 f / 75 c. prefer microwave really fast. wash dry sweet potato put microwave safe plate. prick sweet potato fork, pop microwave. microwave 5-7 minutes squeeze feels pretty soft. insert paring knife check doneness resistance, you're good go! cut sweet potato half set aside cool. cool enough easy handle burn yourself. microwave: preheat oven 375 f / 90 c. prepare sweet potato washing, drying pricking fork. place square foil put directly rack middle oven. bake 45-60 minutes, tender. drop temperature 350 f / 75 c sweet potato baked. step 3: mash sweet potato picture mash sweet potato remove skin sweet potato transfer flesh large bowl. mash fork whatever else works. :) picture mash sweet potato step 4: add apple sauce & eggs picture add apple sauce & eggs add /4 cup unsweetened applesauce stir combine. then, add eggs. at point normally break whisk mixed well. metal whisk best! step 5: add brown rice flour add cup flour mix everything together spatula dry spots left. ( poured brown rice flour measuring cup measured out, instead spooning flour cup.) picture add brown rice flour now add another cup flour mix again. add last /2 cup flour mix. this, dough soft wet. come together easily crumbly. still wet, add brown rice flour, /4 cup time forms nice soft dough. step 6: roll dough into balls brown rice flour makes soft dough, easier roll treats balls bake way. picture roll dough into balls dough stick hands bit, bad.

bothers you, always try spraying hands little cooking spray. line baking sheet parchment paper start rolling dough balls! i'm making treats balls -1.25 inches wide, perfect big dog roscoe. match size treats dog already enjoys. step 7: bake treats picture bake treats now we'll bake treats 350 f / 75 c oven. long bake treats depend big them! baked mine 45 minutes. smaller treats less time, start checking 20-25 minutes. treats firm dry outside, remain slightly soft inside. :) step 8: cooling storing treats picture cooling storing treats let treats cool minutes baking sheet, transfer wire rack. let cool completely put container ziploc bag. :) prefer keep treats fridge. stay good fridge quite long completely cool putting container! freeze well. hope pups enjoy mine
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Potato dog
"Master will not use this!"
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Tretris Game Stops Cravings

You would think that playing a computer game and increasing general excitement would increase cravings especially for snacks. Apparently, playing Tetris has the opposite affect. Tetris, even for as little as three minutes calms the brain. The desire for food, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex and sleep are reduced by 20 per cent.
Playing Tetris hand
The block-shifting game takes concentrated brain power to play well. Keeping the brain "occupied" keeps distractions at bay. Contrary to the myth, women and men can only do one task at a time.  It is still surprising how sitting down and passively watching television increases appetite.

The research was carried out by Queensland's QUT and Plymouth University in England. It was done for a week. Preliminary finding are positive. Work needs to be done on other games such as shoot 'em ups and role playing. Perhaps current beliefs are totally wrong.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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New Software for Mining Research

Environmental researchers do not have to take the kitchen sink with them on field trips any more. They can leave GPS camera and notepad behind as they do their work. New software makes this possible.

A single device linked to the Internet now has everything an investigator requires. This is especially so in mining. The Northern Territory has adopted the new system and it is doing all it promises.  As farming takes up new technology it would be expected that researchers would do the same.

Capturing information is now very easy indeed with reports being done automatically. Photographs are coordinated with Google Earth maps. Relevant data is also stored.  In depth analysis is now possible with the extra time on hand for investigators.

A researchers movement around a site is recorded. This makes monitoring of tasks much easier. The software is a significant step forward. Hours of tedious labor has been reduced.  With a solid data bank in hand, looking back on work done previously is now a matter of course.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Nexus 7 Review - Poor, Do Not Buy!

You have to be careful buying new tech products. There is a belief out there that a new version is always better than the old one. This is not always the case. Take for instance the new Nexus 7. A lot has been written about this with some rave reviews.

I don't know what some of these reviewers are on, but they certainly are not seeing things clearly - some bias is there. The widely held view that buying the latest Nexus 7 is the road to Nirvana is wrong. If you have another Android device with the same login you will not get an automatic restore. It just does not work because Google picks up the two Android devices. A trip into the Play Store will be necessary. Click on the icon in the top left and "My Apps" will be shown. You have to click "All" to see the apps you have paid for.

Re-installing each one in turn is the requirement and don't think all your data is automatically backed up. You discover that you should have backed up the data for each app separately before you dumped the perfectly good older version. A thing that you will regret.

The only virtue of the new Nexus 7 is that it is thinner. That sums it up. Despite having stereo speakers one at each end it does not cut the mustard. What a stupid idea having stereo on such a small device! Sound quality is very poor indeed. It really is disgraceful. If you plug it into a hi-fi you have to turn the volume up to number 22. This compares with 10 using the old version of Nexus 7.

Another odd thing is the hi-fi volume can be turned to maximum and it doesn't get louder - it gets more distorted. The old Nexus had beautiful base and full hi-fi volume could not be set as it was too loud. There is just a pinging "sort of" base with the new one. It is an odd sound. You cannot enjoy listening to music, podcasts only I would say. Even then there is only treble, no base at all from the two speakers. There was some base on the older version playing on its own.

A mystery to me is that all the BBC apps have disappeared from the Play Store. Has Google had a falling out with them or something. This sudden parting seems strange.

Don't be reckless and buy the new Nexus 7. It is a waste of money. No wonder the price has fallen. Many customers would return it if they kept the receipt. Oh, how I miss my old Nexus that unfortunately was dropped and became stuck in the "ON" position. Google picked that up and would not do an automatic install.  Buying online may be easy, but it is risky.  I should have gone to a store and taken it for a test drive.  You do learn something every day.
Technology by Ty Buchanan

Trojans are Beating the Banks

Everyone is spying on everyone else. This is a matter of fact. Life has changed so much since the advent of the computer. Trojans are easy to create and even easier to spread. When you log on to just about any site trojans flood onto your system. Even if you delete them they are immediately put back on your computer again. They do their work as soon as you start work on anything, sending information back to the target source.

PCs, tablets and mobile phones are all vulnerable. New trojans are created daily in their thousands. Some are very damaging. The presence of the Hesperbot banking trojan doubled in two weeks. They spread like "wildfire". Emails commonly contain phishing bugs that look like real banking communications. They are after your username and password so they can empty your bank account.

When you are working on your PC have you ever had a txt file mysteriously open on it own? This could indicate keystroking where what you type is being watched and in many cases a foreign source is controlling your computer. Everything you see on your PC is being seen by another person.

This is a warning - do not save your banking username and password in a txt file in the Documents folder or in a password managing program. Password programs can be cracked and every password you have to all your sites can be accessed. If you cannot remember your password store it on a device that can easily be disconnected from your computer.

We do not know what the future holds. However, a bank login site can be copied exactly and look like the real thing. Do not click a link in an email that seems to be from your bank. You could be taken to the rogue site. Once they have your username and password they will empty it of money in a few minutes.
         Internet by Ty Buchanan

Cheapy Tablet Market Explosion

Australians are buying cheap tablets at a record rate. Just about every major store is selling a low-cost tablet. People are not worrying about completely new brands and are snapping them up. The computers do the basics. 'This is all users seem to want. A spare lying around the house is always useful.

Established companies like Intel are taking notice. They are about to launch a "cheapy" into the booming market. Sales of all types of tablets doubled last year in Australia. Apple seems to be ignoring the trend keeping its prices high. This could prove very costly in the long run. You just cannot ignore a change in purchasing. The market has changed with people moving away from major brands. They have realized that tablets are much the same.

Making tablets is new for Intel. It is moving with the times and rightly so. Intel does not intend to manufacture in the US. It is consulting with Chinese companies. It knows a quality chip in integral for even cheapies to work well and it has the skills to design a fast chip.

It is designing a product for each price range, a good idea if it is to become the major manufacturer. That is its goal. The Bay Trail chip is 64-bit. This will offer real power as new applications is made for the system. The market is growing and buyers are expecting more features in a low-priced product.
Tablets by Ty Buchanan
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