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Microsoft Intentionally Slows Windows 7 Computer Shutdown

Microsoft intentionally slows the shutdown of Windows 7 via updates to force consumers onto Windows 8 and 10. Have you noticed that your once speedy Windows 7 shutdown has slowed to as much as 10 minutes on some computers?
Microsoft ms-dos dross
Microsoft MS-DOS Dross
A secret campaign has been launched by Microsoft to increase its market share of computer operating systems - specifically the latest ones. There is going to be a clamp down on old systems. Support has already been discontinued for XP. Plans are afoot to drop Windows 7.

Again, Microsoft fails to understand its consumer market. The market is saturated with Windows 7. Users know a good operating system when they see one and will not let go!  Third party support of Windows 7 is possible as users could be willing to pay for it. They are fed up with Microsoft's lose one win one OS launches. Windows 8 has been a failure.

Users are suspicious of Windows 10. A majority of testers say Windows 10 is not ready to be released. Microsoft is going ahead with its planned release despite many problems with the lauded OS.
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Nexus 7 Review - Poor, Do Not Buy!

You have to be careful buying new tech products. There is a belief out there that a new version is always better than the old one. This is not always the case. Take for instance the new Nexus 7. A lot has been written about this with some rave reviews.

I don't know what some of these reviewers are on, but they certainly are not seeing things clearly - some bias is there. The widely held view that buying the latest Nexus 7 is the road to Nirvana is wrong. If you have another Android device with the same login you will not get an automatic restore. It just does not work because Google picks up the two Android devices. A trip into the Play Store will be necessary. Click on the icon in the top left and "My Apps" will be shown. You have to click "All" to see the apps you have paid for.

Re-installing each one in turn is the requirement and don't think all your data is automatically backed up. You discover that you should have backed up the data for each app separately before you dumped the perfectly good older version. A thing that you will regret.

The only virtue of the new Nexus 7 is that it is thinner. That sums it up. Despite having stereo speakers one at each end it does not cut the mustard. What a stupid idea having stereo on such a small device! Sound quality is very poor indeed. It really is disgraceful. If you plug it into a hi-fi you have to turn the volume up to number 22. This compares with 10 using the old version of Nexus 7.

Another odd thing is the hi-fi volume can be turned to maximum and it doesn't get louder - it gets more distorted. The old Nexus had beautiful base and full hi-fi volume could not be set as it was too loud. There is just a pinging "sort of" base with the new one. It is an odd sound. You cannot enjoy listening to music, podcasts only I would say. Even then there is only treble, no base at all from the two speakers. There was some base on the older version playing on its own.

A mystery to me is that all the BBC apps have disappeared from the Play Store. Has Google had a falling out with them or something. This sudden parting seems strange.

Don't be reckless and buy the new Nexus 7. It is a waste of money. No wonder the price has fallen. Many customers would return it if they kept the receipt. Oh, how I miss my old Nexus that unfortunately was dropped and became stuck in the "ON" position. Google picked that up and would not do an automatic install.  Buying online may be easy, but it is risky.  I should have gone to a store and taken it for a test drive.  You do learn something every day.
Technology by Ty Buchanan