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New Type of Flu From the Middle East

Generally, people do not keep up with the latest infectious diseases that could come their way. We all know about the Asian flu because it has been around for a while. However, there is little fear involved because many believe that they will not catch it.

Last year a new disease appeared called Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). It killed more than half of the 79 people infected. In the serious 1957-1958 Asian Flu outbreak the death rate was 0.13 per cent.

While MERS is still present, the number of new cases has held steady. There is a worry that the disease could suddenly become highly contagious. It is not yet known whether the virus is spread by human contact or it has an animal source. The number of cases did rise during the Muslim hajj to Mecca.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is in an emergency sitting at present considering whether to declare the coronavirus a public health emergency. An emergency would allow travel restrictions to be put in place. Pilgrims may deem to ignore this and travel anyway, putting their faith in God. The Saudi government is not keen to stop Muslims attending the hajj. Countries cannot be forced to implement restrictions.
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The Aim Is to Eradicate Polio

Smallpox was a serious problem in the 20th century. The World Health Organization declared in 1979 that smallpox was no longer a danger to the world's population. The aim has been to "silence" other diseases. It was hoped that polio could also be eradicated, but a stubborn region for this has remained in Pakistan. More cases were identified in Pakistan than in any other country in 2011.

The Edhi Foundation, a major charity, and the Pakistan government are working with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to target the disease. Cases have fallen so that now Nigeria is the main trouble spot. There are fears that the progress could be short lived and figures could rise again.

Polio spreads far more easily than smallpox. The smallpox vaccine lasts for five years and is very effective. For the war on polio to be won, just about every person must be vaccinated. As the disease can only spread from person to person this goal must be achieved.
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Your Shoes Give You Away

Shoes apparently show your inner feelings. When Kylie Minogue wore those extremely high shoe-boots she was saying "I want Attention." She also shows that she is loaded with money, having the shoes specially made, and is waited on hand and foot.

Victoria Beckham is another one who wears shoes that make a statement. Her shoes say I wear these silly shoes everywhere, even to breakfast, because I can.

Mary-Kate Olsen should be careful though about her choice of shoes - wearing bondage gladiator shoes says she likes her sex to be rough.

These woman choose their shoes for particular reasons of course. They really don't feel this way. They are just playing games with those who look at them.
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