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Malcolm Turnbull is a Complete Idiot

Conservative belief of renewables causing power blackouts is bad science.
It is amazing how far the Australian conservative parties, namely the Liberals and Nationals, will go to promote their misguided beliefs. Both parties have policies of discrediting the reality of global warming.
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"Shaddap You Face" you ignorant voters!
Conservative politicians are paranoid about the truth. Recently, power blackouts occurred in South Australia that were caused by lighting strikes - a record number struck the state during a storm. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball, saw it as an opportunity to blame the state's move to renewable energy.

The Federal Government is doing everything it can to completely destroy alternative energy. This is their policy and they do not hide it. To the rest of the world Australia is living in the dark ages - black coal. The Government is pandering to vested interests.

Malcolm Turnbull says that South Australia depends on intermittent renewables for 40 per cent of its power, and when non-carbon sources fall short there is no alternative gas or coal power to pick-up the slack.  Having more carbon power generators on standby would not have helped.  It was the power lines that were down!

The supposition by the conservatives is absolute rot. Renewables had nothing to do with the blackouts. No doubt the "independent" review will reach the preplanned conclusion fixed by Government. The Coalition will choose a favorable stooge to be in charge of the review.
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Drug Companies and Pharmacists are Overly Protected

New medical discoveries are pushing the cost/patient envelope as more low-end subsidized drugs are taken off the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and new $1,000 plus a week treatments are being added at the top end. Rationally, it is obvious that this will result in fewer patients benefiting.

Recently, I went to the pharmacy with a script for a medication that I assumed was still subsidized. The chemist arrogantly said drug companies are not making profit any more: you should pay the $60.00. I responded saying, how do you know anything about my finances and if you believe pharmaceutical firms need sympathy you are absolutely stupid and unfit to be in the profession.
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Upon leaving the shop I thought I shouldn't have said that. However, on consideration I believe that I was right. It needed to be said. Pharmacists are a protected breed. They make millions when the government pays them full-recommended list price which it is set artificially high by drug companies. New Zealand showed that when offered an ultimatum of what a government can afford to pay the companies will buckle and sell needed medications are a lower price. Australia should also give an ultimatum so that consumers can pay a fair price.

Patent law gives drug firms a monopoly to set the market price as they see fit, whether patients can afford it or not. Economic teaching shows that a manufacturer can make more profit by holding the price high so only the wealthy can pay. Of course, if you have a prime minister who blindly believes in the market, a market that is deemed to be free and open which it isn't, this is what you get. Bend over and the PM will k... your ass!
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Does Tony Abbot Hold the Climate Change Faith?

Now don't get me wrong here! Tony Abbot has shown himself to be a good prime Minister. He has kept his known temper under wraps. Whether this will last we don't know yet. Keeping control of information about new boat arrivals will probably not work for much longer. The press have a habit of "getting ahead" of events. Reporters will find out somehow and release the knowledge to everyone.

The greatest problem lies in the area of climate change. Everyone has the latest news and info at hand today. The north and south poles are decreasing in size and that is enough in itself to accept that climate change is caused by human activity. Furthermore, animal species are moving into new regions as oceans warm up.

Though Tony Abbot admits somewhat reluctantly that climate change is due to industrialization, one cannot be sure if he genuinely believes this. He has surrounded himself with climate change skeptics. Many would not accept that a war was going on until they saw a tank come over the hill.

None are so blind than those who will not see. Nothing will change a skeptic. Indeed, the flat earth society still exists despite the weight of science against it. The most skeptical of all in Tony Abbott's inner circle is Maurice Newman, who is paranoid about CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology of conspiring with blatant lies to substantiate there "false" claims.

It is okay for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to be pro-business. After all this is expected of a right wing political Party, which the Liberal Party is in Australia. Perhaps Australia shouldn't do anything until other countries act on climate change. This could be the new high moral ground. But chasing a fact as being the cause and vice versa led to the demise of the Labor party. Listening to the majority of voters is important to politicians particularly if they hope to survive elections.
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