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Malcolm Turnbull is Big Bad Wolf - Watch Out Goldilocks!

When you get chosen as Prime Minister the first rule is... look after yourself and your mates. For some odd reason the "group of independent deciders supported the Coalition's policy of exempting Australia's wealthiest people from disclosure requirements on a new tax system taking effect in December. Mind you, the ordinary Jack and Jill will have to disclose their data.
Straighen those crooked glasses Malcolm Turnbull
It seems Malcolm Turnbull is not just a pretty face: he is a crafty sod as well! Let's all head for the Cayman Islands. If its good enough for our PM, it is certainly good enough for the rest of us dinkum Aussies. Kerry Packer the famous now deceased billionaire once said that "it is every Australian citizen's duty to avoid paying tax: I have lived in Australia and elsewhere all my life and have never paid one cent in tax". When he died the Australian Government gave him a state funeral.

Guilt is not for the wealth it appears. For the ordinary Joe though, he must be checked and double checked on the way he goes about his life. If your tax return is $100 out you get a massive fine.

Malcolm Turnbull's speech in parliament was contradictory. He said, this country is built upon hard work." And added, "there are taxi drivers that work harder than I ever have." Thus, he has admitted that his wealth was not built upon hard work. He must have been crafty, deceitful and fleeced his employees to get rich. Yes, we know what you are about Malcolm - you may look angelic, but you are really a big bad wolf!
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