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VPN Tunnel Block on iPlayer by BBC

Lost handwriting skills
VPN use is being disrupted by the Brits. Communication tunnels are prevented from working ⁍ unauthorized fee users foreigners access license ⁌ ● vpn computer tunnel to block numbers iplayer it bbc we vpn figure tunnel keys block text iplayer in bbc of vpn create tunnel colors block code iplayer software bbc to vpn or tunnel in block by iplayer on bbc ● ⧫ blocking foreigners internet unauthorized fee location users license service access ⧫ ⏏ access service license users location fee unauthorized internet foreigners blocking ⏏ ⦿ access users service content people blockade legitimate license vpns database user location complaints update payers fee usage simply million spokesperson concern part companies foreign online implemented pelt der van services bbc’s torguard tells informs unauthorized prevent disconnect company securely internet citizens accessing foreigners servers blocking measures ⦿ ∎ measures blocking servers foreigners accessing citizens internet securely company disconnect prevent unauthorized informs tells torguard bbc’s services van der pelt implemented online foreign companies part concern spokesperson million simply usage fee payers update complaints location user database vpns license legitimate blockade people content service users access ∎
BBC iPlayer block

Meerkat Fenced in

Meerkat looking at a wire fence
"That new fence cramps my style!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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meerkat fence line barrier boundary stopped cramp style

Rain Forest in Northern Australia Doing Well

The northern part of Australia is getting hotter, but it is no drier. A comparison of data from the 1950s and the present shows the borders between rain forest and eucalyptus forest remained the same. However, the density of rain forest increased by 732 ha. Neither drainage, geology, topography, aspect or elevation are responsible. The climate has definitely changed. Despite a series of El Nino dry spells since the 1950s, the country is becoming wetter.

This rain forest expansion has slowed over the last 2000 years, with 25 per cent being tall open forest. Eucalyptus forests are spread out in irregular shaped pockets which are very stable. Higher CO2 is responsible for the increasing density of rain forest. The humidity keeps damage from fires low.

Overall, this is good news for the world generally. Brazilian rain forest stores 250-300 C ha–1 (carbon per hectare). Though Australian rain forest stores less, it is still significant. There is a possibility that local factors in Australia are having this effect. Yet indicators do point to global warming.
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