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Cat Gets a Pat

A tabby kitten gets a spat on the head. He doesn't mind. It is his owner's hand that is doing it. He just stays there and accepts the treatment. Just the thing to make a kitty happy. Soon dinner will be on its way. Then he can settle down for a rest, maybe have a little nap,

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Cat gets a pat
"Yes, that's the right spot."
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Dog blends into Carpet

This dog has disappeared! Wait. I saw him move. He is laying on top of the carpet. The dog and the carpet are the same color - white. You have to look very hard to see the outline of the pooch. He knows what he is doing. He is hiding in plain site. What a smart canine you little doggy.

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|| I am on the carpet - look closer! ||
Dog blends into carpet
"I am on the carpet - look closer!"
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Cat is in a Strange Mood

Cat has a strang way of making his feelings know to his owner. Ah well.

bobcat e cheetah e cougar e jaguar e kitten e kitty

cat an strange it mood of feline we
cat or strange ho mood uh feline do
cat as strange eh mood if feline oh
cat to strange an mood we feline or
cat on strange it mood he feline is

bobcat d cheetah d cougar d jaguar d kitten d kitty d leopard d lion d lynx d mouser d ocelot d panther

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Strange cat
"I have an itch on my nose."
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