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New Facility to Clone Cattle in China

China's economy is not so good lately. The booms time of the past decade will not return. However, with wages rising (though trade is moving to lower income countries) The middle class in China is growing. This means a change in diet to more meat.
New cloned cattle facility in China
Australia alone cannot meet demand, so China is planning for the future itself. A new commercial cloning center is opening soon northern China. Its target is more than a million head of cattle by 2020. Very ambitious you may say, but China tends to complete what it plans.

The state in China does work well with private industry. Indeed, laws are changed to make things happen. In its first year it will churn out 100,000 head, rising to one million within five years.  Australian has nothing to fear. Demand will never meet growing demand. As now, Chinese will be able to order chilled prepared-to-eat meat from Australia.
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