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Not That Ball Again Dogs - Loony

Do not throw that tennis ball dogs run funny pictures.
"He thinks we are going to run after a stupid ball!"
throw tennis run.

Funny Animal Pictures

funny tennis throw run.
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Hilarious Bear Runs After Cyclist

Comical bear chases man on bike.
"I think I am in trouble."
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Bank Staff to Spy on Bank Accounts of the Elderly

Bank staff are to be allowed to monitor the bank accounts of the elderly to see if relatives, friends and carers are stealing money. At first glance this may well seems to be a good thing. However, banks staff swear to keep all bank information private. Instant dismissal is the penalty for telling others about a customer's financial status.
The thought of bank staff having the authority to pass on private information to government is frightening and will, no doubt, be challenged in court. Of course people with dementia will have someone managing their bank account. Reporting a carer just because a customer is permanently incapacitated is stupid. You don't need special training to see someone has decreased capacity to manage their own affairs.

Smart Sparrow's who are developing the app to do this are wasting their time. Society will not accept bank tellers snooping into their affairs. It will not be allowed. Tremendous damage will be done to families on mere suspicion. Tellers will be expected to examine the accounts of people who just look mildly incapacitated. Bank staff are not qualified to judge health issues.

Can you imagine a social worker knocking on your door based in the perception that the parent you are looking after looked a bit lost in the bank? Surely, social workers have got better work to do than snooping around perfectly innocent family members. Smart Sparrow's seems stupid to me!
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