Netflix Will Open Up the Australian Market

Netflix is coming to Australia in March next year. It will ruin everything - yeah sure. At the moment Murdoch's Foxtel has a monopoly on programming and price. Customers have had to take it or leave it. Many have left, though they miss out on a lot.

Now there will at least be choice. However, we are comparing apples and oranges here. Netflix will require decent broadband speed and limits. At present Australian broadband services are very poor. The National Broadband Network has just about fell over. Only prime metropolitan areas have got it. Some people have actually moved home into these areas.

At first, Netflix offerings will not be great. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that soon movies will be up to date with the US. A court battle is looming between Foxtel and Netflix as the newcomer takes rights away from the big fella, and Netflix will get access to these movies! If the new Australian service is not up to par, you can still use a VPN and get it from the US. When Netflix blocks it just get a US address.

Forget about reviewers who poo, poo Netflix in Australia. It will establish itself and it will level out the market. Foxtel has already cut its rates for individual offerings. The Telstra combined Foxtel/Broadband package has not been cut. Foxtel is just giving a free movie each month. This will not be enough to keep subscribers.

Other offerings by free to air networks are small fry to Netflix. It has the clout to ruin them. The range of movies by free to air will remain limited because they do not have the power to get access. As time goes by contracts will be renewed and Netflix will win.
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