Surgery the Only Cure for Baldness

Bald men try just about anything to turn back a receding hairline. For some, hair loss is at the back and they don't know it until a "friend" tells them. For others the hairline goes out like the tide.

All manner of things are tried from hair tonics, to laser and LED treatments. Some medications offer some hope but they do take away some of your "maleness". The only real solution is transplanting of hair follicles from the back of the head to to the bald area. This is time consuming surgery and the result is new hair spread very sparsely over the bald spot.

For centuries a search has been on for the Holy Grail of baldness cures. Because it is really a hormone problem a lot of work has been done on this. Unfortunately, there are side affects and the mere stopping of further hair loss is the best that can be expected. Stress also causes baldness. Of course, for this there is no treatment.
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