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Dog in for Hard Jail Time

Dog penned in
"It is tough in here!"
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Campaign To End Sale of Battery Eggs

Environmentalists launch a campaign to stop the sale of battery eggs.  This involves "pestering" consumers in supermarkets who are about to buy battery eggs.  The environmentalist will not win the war.  They will just make consumers angry.  Radio advertisements will have the same effect.
If battery eggs are banned the price of supermarket eggs will increase from $2.50 to $10.00 a dozen.  The government will also have the burden of compensation for battery farms which are forced to close.

The campaigners believe that consumers need to be educated about chickens living in tiny pens.  People already know this.  They don't need to be force-fed the truth.  They also know that cows must be kept alive for blood to be drained from the body after they are knocked out.  This doesn't stop them buying beef.

European countries are trying to change, but the supply of free-range eggs is insufficient to meet demand.  Not enough businesses are prepared to re-invest in bigger cages.  Furthermore, a recent university study showed that battery hens were not stressed.
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