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Cat in a Paper Bin - Farcical

Feline is in the rubbish. A trash can is very comfortable for a family pet who has everything: food and a comfy place to stay. Let's face it the pussy knows what's best. Sleeping quarters for the perfect friend. Who needs a basket. The moggy sleeps where he wants. | farcical = | *
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Cat in paper basket
"Master said get in the litter."
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Cat has Pet Guinea Pig

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Cat has pet guinea pig
"This is my pet."

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Cat Attack

Cat riding rat
"Get off!  Are you mad?"
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 Adventure Australia
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kitten cat rat ride jump back attack run away

Just Hanging Around

"Look, no hands or feet."
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Northern Territory Mammals Endangered

The Northern Territory has a low population density, so it could expected that natural fauna would remain dominant over human destruction of the environment. Apparently, this is not the case. A study observed Aboriginal elders and their interaction with wildlife. Comparing findings with previous records showed a decline in the mammal population.

Only small numbers of quoll, black-footed rat and golden bandicoot survive. Nearly 50 new animals have been included in the endangered list this year. Two mammals and a bird have now been declared extinct. Small and medium size animals are affected most. Large animals are unaffected. It seems large animals such as kangaroos benefit from the presence of humans.

Planned action is proving beneficial. Improved fire control has raised the number of gouldian finches. Reptiles are doing well. Specimens of the bronzeback lizard have been found. They were thought to be extinct in the Northern Territory.

Damage has been done by the influx of animals foreign to Australia such as cats, foxes and cane toads. Farming is thought to have less impact. A major problem is that fewer fires occur in some areas. Aboriginals did practise traditional patch burning. This was good for native flora and fauna. Aboriginals should be encouraged to go back to the old ways before the skills are lost.
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Pitcher Plant Found That Eats Rats

Plants don't eat animals though some eat flies? Definitely not true. A plant has been discovered in Cape York northern Australia that eats rats. A large pitcher plant, a plant that eat flies, has been discovered. It is a vine and has been called "Tenax".

It was found in a swamp. Most new species are found in Sumatra, Borneo or New Guinea. It was a surprise to find a new species in Australia.

Pitcher plants are found just about everywhere in Australia. They grow as weeds, even getting into lawns. But even the thought of one being large enough to devour a rat boggles the mind.
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