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Google Dictates Word Use in Dictionaries

Google won a court case in Australia stopping others from using words similar to their trade name, for examples, boogle and doogle, etc. It seems Google is still intent on ruling the world over use of language.

It is interfering with Sweden's intention to put a word in dictionaries. The Swedish version of the word "ungoogleable" is "ogooglebar" and is widely used. Google says it should not be in a dictionary as it is because part of the word "google" is a registered trade name. This is silly consider the word "hoovering"is in the Pocket Oxford dictionary. How much more power does Google want? It already has too much influence on societies.

Google is not complaining about the word's inclusion. It wants a reference to Google being a trade name added to the definition. Sweden decided to leave the word out altogether. Google wants the word "Google" with a capital "G" shown , apparently to gain free advertising.

Swedish authorities point out that language has no bounds particularly when it comes to taking trade marks into new words.

Google said it intended to keep the company great. Does it means something like in Great Britain? A look will show the British Empire is long gone. No attempt to save it helped. The French tried to stop the franglais of English words like "le week-end". It failed.
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