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Kentucky Fried Chicken Gets Smaller

If you buy a meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Australia expect to pay more, because you will. KFC has redesigned its packaging. The fried chips, for example, are now in a brightly colored box. Turn the box upside down and you will see that the rectangular base is smaller. And get this - the chips are cut smaller as well!

A few months ago something else happened. The action was a bit underhanded and unannounced. The cups that the mashed potato and coleslaw come in are now a bit smaller. This is a major downsizing. In other words it is a price rise done in disregard for the intelligence of customers. We are not stupid Mr KFC.

The takeaway market place treats customers as cash cows. Australians are used to being told lies. McDonalds has the audacity to call its hamburger a Big Mac when the roll is not even an average size roll. It is a mini-roll by anyone's standards.

Hungry Jack's (Burger King in the U.S.) offers small size meals at a cut price. However, since this began the price of standard size meals has increased steadily. It is an ongoing price rise. The normal size meals used to be a little more than $6.00: now they are close to $10.00. Recently the small meals went up by $0.50.

We all know that take away chains make most of their profit from the sale of soft drink. Some food lines run at a loss, but this is the reality of the market place. There is competition out there. The least we can expect is that they are honest with customers. Unfortunately they are not.
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