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Probiotics for Plants is Absolute Nonsense

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Probiotics don't work. Tests demonstrate that assimilation in the gut devastates 99.9 percent of probiotics. It is a prevailing fashion. trends go back and forth. Presently farmers are being informed there are probiotics to increase yields. This is rubbish.  |||plants Probiotics in Absolute up Nonsense on plants. |
Crop probiotics
It is said that supplements will expand profitability, make plants hardier and strengthen pest resistance. Australia is told its regulation allow supply of ineffective products. Particular Producers need laws to give them the market to ensure decent supplies  What a major lie this is!  ||| Probiotics at Plants no Absolute ah Nonsense. | ||    

Right now researchers do not know much about biostimulant organisms, so it is ridiculous to put forward the supposition that a product works.  Scientific testing is required to provide a level playing field between growers and micro-supplement providers   |.| not. |.|   
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To stimulate better growth complex chemical signals must be sent between the acting chemical and the plants.  Furthermore the ultimate effect on storage and transport of signal vegetables must be known. A test was carried out on sugarcane. No advantage of any sort was recognized in the crop.   | Probiotics me Absolute um Nonsense..
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Measure Land Moisture by Satellite

No longer will Australian farmers waste their time working land that has no future. Satellite technology has improved to the point where moisture level of farmland can be determined. Waiting for rain that will make no difference is info that farmers can now 'bank' on.
Measure moisture of land by satellite
Measuring moisture level is now something done by computer, from aerial surveys. The labor-intensive, time-consuming chore is a thing of the past. Soil that has potential rejuvenation can be targetted. The cost is out of the reach of individual farmers at present but the price is falling.

It is possible, if use of the new technology becomes widespread, that the output of certain crops can be estimated. Potential shortages will be foreseen and action taken in future plantings. When weather predictions are included the position of markets months ahead will be known.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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