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Internet Cat

"I love the Internet!"
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Telstra is a Ruthless Monopoly

Telstra is claiming to have boosted mobile network speed to 450Mbps over LTE. Technological improvement is a good thing, but it should get its house in order first. About every three days one cannot access account details notably broadband usage. Customer service is disgraceful.

One thing that stands out about Telstra is that sales and payment web pages are "never" down. Even a child can see its priorities are on making money not providing a decent service that customers overpay for. It is about to bring out new packages at higher prices. Its monopoly is all-consuming. Telstra can do what it likes.

Increasing mobile speed by three means increased charges for consumers. There is no doubt about this. Furthermore, faster broadband means allocated usage will be used up much sooner so Telstrs will gain there as well. With more users not using PCs multiple channel broadband data flow means greater profit.

The overall deal for Telstra is more money not customer benefit. Demand for mobile broadband is booming as people want to use the Internet on-the-go. Believing that Telstra is doing this improvement for consumers is rubbish. It is a profit making company with a monopoly. Like all monopolies it misuses that power.
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World Exclusive: Australian Company Sues Person Who Protests About Spam

Surely people against spam are in the right. Spam is a nuisance to society. Not so! A spamming company is suing an anti-spammer because it was blacklisted on a spam prevention site.

A Perth company, T3 Direct, wants AU$43,750 in damages. The "" website blacklisted the company. Websites such as distribute lists of IP addresses of spammers so end users can block them.

T3 Direct cannot sue the website because it has no actual address and it has no money. So the company is suing the "culprit" instead, namely, Joseph McNichol.

This is the first court action of its type in the world. A Web site is being set-up to fund Mr McNichol's court costs.

The whole world will be watching how this case pans out.
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Sick Dog

"I'm sick, but I gotta keep my website up to date"
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Where Is the Internet Going?

There isn't much doubt that mobile devices will soon outnumber the fixed PC. It is surprising that it has taken so long. People are tripping over each other to make pre-orders on the iPhone. There will probably be a rush for Microsoft's new offerings. In recent years Google's Android products have been racing forward, generally at the expense of Microsoft, not Apple.

Web developers are slowly making a change as well. Old "easy" website building is a thing of the past. It seems websites have to provide a "traditional" PC type website and have another built-in for mobile devices. There must be an automatic link in the main website so that only the smaller site is sent to mobiles. Though many users have said they prefer looking at traditional sites with a small handheld, even though it means moving around a page to see all the info, download times are just too long for this to continue.

HTML5 was envisaged to make it easier for developers, standardizing code. The opposite has happened. Infighting has occurred between the Internet powers that be in the US and developers choosing to go their own way. They don't like to hear that their good ideas have been dropped by the controlling body. Up to six web architectures are doing the rounds on mobiles. This makes writing apps so complex that it rules out simple web building by the home web builder. New web building software will have to be capable in so many areas. This will make the software program download huge - and expensive.

The Internet is moving inevitably forward. Data cloud services have made smaller devices possible. Storing things actually on a mobile is no longer necessary. We will have to wait and see if the new fixed system RT from Microsoft is broadly accepted. How many customers will buy something that will only run Microsoft software fixed at the time of purchase? The market could get angry.
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Financial Encouragement Is Needed in Computing and Maths

Despite the widespread use of computers, Australia is not producing enough qualified computer specialists. Although the computer related economy is equal to mining, and the extractive industry is what is driving the Australian economy and keeping the dollar strong, too few young people are willing to study for employment in the digital industry.

This is probably because everyone is a little computer "savvy" and most believe that there is not much more to learn. Of course this is a mistake. You may have a website and know a trick or two, but there is a barrier that you cannot jump over if you are to truly understand the whole area, unless you are a born computer geek where you soak up all the knowledge like a sponge.

What academics fail to understand though is that computer study is very much like learning mathematics. Students are avoiding maths like the "plague" because there are much easier subjects to do. For example, English and History teachers are a dime a dozen. This has been caused by governments wrongly allocating funds in the past. Universities and colleges are also to blame as they try to maximize student numbers irrespective of subject area.

Financial encouragement needs to be in place to tempt students into the "difficult" kinds of study. Some people have a gift for maths. Ironically, today many of these are girls. In the past boys believed maths was a boys' thing and they took pride in studying it. Cutting tertiary fees in the maths and computers areas is absolutely necessary to bring numbers up to the nation's requirements.
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Tasmania Has Outdated Laws on Freedom of Speech

Tasmania has draconian old fashioned laws against freedom of speech. If a person wants to comment on the Internet about the upcoming state election he/she must leave address and name on the website. Digital Tasmania, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Civil Liberties Australia and the Australian Privacy Foundation have condemned the law. What is Facebook to do when it has a policy of keeping the identity of those who comment, private.

Many people like to talk about political issues without letting others know how they vote. This is to avoid harassment or potential damage to their careers because of public perception.

It seems most Tasmanians do not know of the law and are ignoring it anyway. Some political candidates are also making comments without giving their names. Tasmania's Electoral Commission says that people must abide by the law. Those making comments must leave their names in the "about me" spots on Facebook for example.

If anyone is brought to court over this matter the political party that wins the election will be thrown out at the next election for sure.
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