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Dogs Alike

Similar alike snow dogs
"You know George we are so alike."
"Shut it, snow dog!"
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Tasmania Has Outdated Laws on Freedom of Speech

Tasmania has draconian old fashioned laws against freedom of speech. If a person wants to comment on the Internet about the upcoming state election he/she must leave address and name on the website. Digital Tasmania, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Civil Liberties Australia and the Australian Privacy Foundation have condemned the law. What is Facebook to do when it has a policy of keeping the identity of those who comment, private.

Many people like to talk about political issues without letting others know how they vote. This is to avoid harassment or potential damage to their careers because of public perception.

It seems most Tasmanians do not know of the law and are ignoring it anyway. Some political candidates are also making comments without giving their names. Tasmania's Electoral Commission says that people must abide by the law. Those making comments must leave their names in the "about me" spots on Facebook for example.

If anyone is brought to court over this matter the political party that wins the election will be thrown out at the next election for sure.
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