Financial Encouragement Is Needed in Computing and Maths

Despite the widespread use of computers, Australia is not producing enough qualified computer specialists. Although the computer related economy is equal to mining, and the extractive industry is what is driving the Australian economy and keeping the dollar strong, too few young people are willing to study for employment in the digital industry.

This is probably because everyone is a little computer "savvy" and most believe that there is not much more to learn. Of course this is a mistake. You may have a website and know a trick or two, but there is a barrier that you cannot jump over if you are to truly understand the whole area, unless you are a born computer geek where you soak up all the knowledge like a sponge.

What academics fail to understand though is that computer study is very much like learning mathematics. Students are avoiding maths like the "plague" because there are much easier subjects to do. For example, English and History teachers are a dime a dozen. This has been caused by governments wrongly allocating funds in the past. Universities and colleges are also to blame as they try to maximize student numbers irrespective of subject area.

Financial encouragement needs to be in place to tempt students into the "difficult" kinds of study. Some people have a gift for maths. Ironically, today many of these are girls. In the past boys believed maths was a boys' thing and they took pride in studying it. Cutting tertiary fees in the maths and computers areas is absolutely necessary to bring numbers up to the nation's requirements.
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