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Science Discovers Extrovert-Introvert Continuum

Science: Extroverts and introverts are on a continuum.
Do you mix with others easily?  Are you a loner?  Human beings can be categorized as extrovert or introvert.  There appears not to be a continuum to give variety to the species.  You are either one or the other.
Extrovert versus introvert
Don't get me wrong here.  Introverts can rise to the occasion and mix in a group.  Oddly, many introverts become entertainers to bring themselves out and beat their fears.  Clearly though, extroverts love other people and get lonely quickly, whereas introverts thrive doing things on their own.

After a noisy party where alcohol has temporarily changed introverts into extroverts.  The basically quieter type starts worrying about what he/she said at the bash.  The mixers just get on with life and don't fear anything.

Wait on.  Research has shown the people do fit on a continuum.  We cannot all be divided into either mixer or loner, not totally.  To make it simpler scientists have coined the phrase "ambiverts" for those in the middle.  This is very simplistic and smacks of keeping an established system alive.  No, we all different.  We are human aren't we?
Science by Ty Buchanan 
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The World Needs EXtroverts and Introverts

The world is full of extroverts and introverts. Society needs them. Some must lead and others must follow. This is the normal way of things. Can you imagine if everyone was an extrovert. There would be arguments aplenty. Nothing would be settled.

Extroverts need people. While their behavior will to a degree drive others away, extroverts don't like to be alone. Introverts on the other hand like their own company. They can happily work on their own for months.

The problem is that these categories are not clear cut. There are some in the middle, those who have characteristics of both groups. The way people behave in their spare time is the best indicator of where they fit. Introverts avoid parties because it is a drain on them. They prefer to go fishing, for example. Extroverts go up the pub to mix with others.

Both groups will eventually have to change as their needs are fulfilled. Body and mind tells them to switch off and go the other way. It may be only for a short time, but batteries can be recharged and they can again push full speed ahead to where they are most comfortable.
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