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People do Not Change

There is a fundamental truth about human beings that many people ignore and will not accept - people do not change and cannot be changed. Yes, they can alter their behavior for a while like when prisoners are trying to be released from jail early, but as soon as they get out they commit similar crimes again.

Time off for good behavior is a ruse used by prisoners and they all know it. Indeed, those making release decisions also know this. While being refused freedom criminals dream of being free so they can live their lives as they did before they were incarcerated. Many are making plans for when they get out that involve theft and revenge.

Like pedophiles who show no remorse and offend again and again. They cannot help themselves. There extreme behavior seems normal to them. They even justify it by continually lying and claiming innocence.

Publicly funded psychological treatment is a waste. Years ago criminals were locked up to get them out of the way and off the streets because they detrimentally affected the lives of law-abiding citizens. The softly, softly approach of rehabilitation is misplaced. Statistics confirm this. How long can they expect support from the public and forgiveness for some heinous crimes? There is genuineness in them. It only involves self pity though. Any little hardship outside triggers anti-social behavior again.
Law by Ty Buchanan
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Brave New World of Criminal Investigation

We are entering a brave new world where DNA will be accurately read to predict eye color, distance between the eyes and nose shape. This will greatly improve police work in solving serious crime.

Even knowing whether a suspect is bald is helpful. Genes contain single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs).  These can now show whether someone is probably bald. We have some way to go because of the complex interaction of male and female chromosomes.

A rough composite picture will be soon be available. This can be used to screen out suspects. Facial metrics is advancing rapidly. Analysis of insulin-like growth hormone (IGF-1) and human growth hormone (HGH) can give a rough picture of build and height.

The importance of mitochondrial DNA which passes along the female line is well known. This can predict ancestry using Y chromosome (NRY) and autosomal markers. Patterns for Europeans, white Americans and East Asians have been identified.

In the future the crime rate could be significantly reduced and we could live in societies that are much safer than today's dangerous milieu where we are afraid to go out at night. A safe world - that is something hard to imagine.

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New Laws to Restrict the Leniency of Judges

There is not much doubt that the majority of Australians believe judges to be too lenient in sentencing. Drivers have been convicted of dangerous driving and homicide and have been given suspended sentences. Premeditated murderers have had to serve only five years in jail.

It seems once judges get their positions they favor convicted criminals. No wonder state governments are looking at legislation to force courts into tougher sentencing. The South Australian government is planning new laws to limit the use of suspended sentencing. Chief justice Chris Kourakis claims this is interfering with the independence of the legal system vis-a-vis government and the executive. But if judges do not sentence and meet public expectations intervention is necessary.

Serial offenders are given a slap on the wrist and are released to continue their illegal behavior. Some even laugh their way out of court. Intervention is also needed to have the criminal history of suspected offenders known at trial. Why shouldn't past behavior be used against criminals?

Chief Justice Chris Kourakis says "In general, the greater the discretion that a judge has the more the judge can fit the penalty to the particular crime." However, most believe that judges are not doing this. He admits though that governments have always set the parameters used in the legal system.
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What Are We to Do With Psychopaths If It Is Genetic?

Not all psychopaths are locked up in prison for committing crimes. Many are still out there in the community. Often one comes across a person who seems strange and does not respond to normal social cues. Psychopaths have no empathy with others, so one does nothing and can do nothing until a crime is committed.

The "disease" is now thought to be genetic. Psychopaths will soon be able to be identified by a DNA test. It is possible that in the future all criminals will be tested. What to do with them after they are identified will be a major problem for society. Are they to be locked up for a longer time, or will they go to an institution where they will be given medication and psychiatric treatment?

It could be some time before medical knowledge reaches the point where the "bad" genes can be silenced or eliminated. Furthermore, having some psychopaths in society may be an evolutionary imperative. Most of these people do not know if another person is angry or afraid. This is the basis of the odd behavior, but many are highly intelligent. Two per cent of the population are psychopaths and not all of them commit crimes. However, a genetic basis is proven with records of ancestors having problems fitting into society.
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