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People do Not Change

There is a fundamental truth about human beings that many people ignore and will not accept - people do not change and cannot be changed. Yes, they can alter their behavior for a while like when prisoners are trying to be released from jail early, but as soon as they get out they commit similar crimes again.

Time off for good behavior is a ruse used by prisoners and they all know it. Indeed, those making release decisions also know this. While being refused freedom criminals dream of being free so they can live their lives as they did before they were incarcerated. Many are making plans for when they get out that involve theft and revenge.

Like pedophiles who show no remorse and offend again and again. They cannot help themselves. There extreme behavior seems normal to them. They even justify it by continually lying and claiming innocence.

Publicly funded psychological treatment is a waste. Years ago criminals were locked up to get them out of the way and off the streets because they detrimentally affected the lives of law-abiding citizens. The softly, softly approach of rehabilitation is misplaced. Statistics confirm this. How long can they expect support from the public and forgiveness for some heinous crimes? There is genuineness in them. It only involves self pity though. Any little hardship outside triggers anti-social behavior again.
Law by Ty Buchanan
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