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Gunshot Residue Identifies the Cartridge Used - Physics

New technology pins criminals to gun crimes.>
It is getting more difficult for criminals to get away with breaking the law. If a gun is used it is now possible to match the gunshot residue to specific bullet cartridges. A criminal will probably keep some unused cartridges at his/her home. The shooter will have residue on this body and the gun anyway.
Gun being fired
Each batch of bullets has a different chemical makeup. Differing amounts of glass fragments is the main difference. Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) and Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) provide extremely detailed analysis of gunshot residue.

When a gun is fired, residue to splattered everywhere, on the shooter, the victim and in the wound itself. There is no way of destroying the evidence. Residue can be matched with bullets at a certainty of 99 per cent. It is possible that some innocent people jailed for crimes will be shown to be not guilty with the used of the new technology.
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Cat Outside, Dog Inside - levity

Whimsical cat outside, dogs inside story.
"Let me says this: You are inside."
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Dutch Prisoners to Pay a Fee

The welfare state is failing. Too any people rely on taxpayers money to live without contributing anything themselves. Basically, governments do not have the income from taxes to pay for it.

Old age pensions are going with people being forced to pay into their own superannuation. In Europe, particularly, countries like Britain cannot afford welfare benefits for people who have moved there from other European nations.

In the Netherlands prisoners will soon have to pay for their incarceration. The controversial bill will soon go through parliament. If you break the law it is your fault. There will be a charge for imprisonment and another fee for the police investigation.

Leaving things as they are will result in 19 prisons having to close with the release of thousands of prisoners. If you cannot pay the fees while you are in prison you will have to pay it when you have moved back into society.
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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Dog in Jail

"If someone doesn't adopt me soon, I'm going to break out."
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What Are We to Do With Psychopaths If It Is Genetic?

Not all psychopaths are locked up in prison for committing crimes. Many are still out there in the community. Often one comes across a person who seems strange and does not respond to normal social cues. Psychopaths have no empathy with others, so one does nothing and can do nothing until a crime is committed.

The "disease" is now thought to be genetic. Psychopaths will soon be able to be identified by a DNA test. It is possible that in the future all criminals will be tested. What to do with them after they are identified will be a major problem for society. Are they to be locked up for a longer time, or will they go to an institution where they will be given medication and psychiatric treatment?

It could be some time before medical knowledge reaches the point where the "bad" genes can be silenced or eliminated. Furthermore, having some psychopaths in society may be an evolutionary imperative. Most of these people do not know if another person is angry or afraid. This is the basis of the odd behavior, but many are highly intelligent. Two per cent of the population are psychopaths and not all of them commit crimes. However, a genetic basis is proven with records of ancestors having problems fitting into society.
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Dog in Jail

"If someone doesn't adopt me soon, I'm going to break out."
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