Royal Gifts are Property of the People

The British Royal Family gets hundreds of gifts each year not only from heads of state but ordinary people as well. Gifts may be given in good heart. However, givers should know that the presents will never be owned by any member of the royal family. They remain the property of the people.

All manner of things are given. Food hampers, books, bowls, riding crops, coffee grinders, statues, model thrones, coins, beer, honey, toys, ski outfits, even boot scrapers and arrows.  The "Who's Who in Australia 2014".will come in real handy at the dinner table.

Just how the ownership system works is not clear. The Monarchy can use the objects, using them until they are worn out, yet they still remain property of the people. Get into them toys little George and have a real good time. You will never own them. Getting pleasure from them is your preserve.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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